Do you take photos of people?

Here at Fuzz, I love taking photos of pets. My passion is pet photography and creating gorgeous artwork featuring people’s much loved animals. I adore working with clients who truly love their pets and consider them part of the family. So I often get asked, do I take photos of people? Yes of course! I […]

But my pet won’t sit still for a photo!

I’ve heard this so many times, from people who would love amazing photos of their pet, but couldn’t imagine their pet sitting still. I want to talk about this, because it’s the most common concern when it comes to pet photography and generally holds people back from booking a session. Did you see the lovely […]

The best time of day to take pet photos

dog pets sunset photography

What is the perfect time of day to take photos of your pet?   We love to take photos in the evening, especially just before and as the sun sets. Not only is it a bit cooler, your pet tends to be a little less jazzed as compared to early morning. Plus the spectacular colours […]

How to find a pet photographer

autumn fall pet photography

This may seem like an odd blog post, coming from someone who does pet photography, but this isn’t me just saying that I’m the best pet photographer. Given my experience I feel like I can give a great run-down on how to find a pet photographer that best suits you, but it may not be […]