Terms of Service

1.  ‘Fuzz Design’ is Sarina Veliz trading as Fuzz Design.
2. ‘The Client’ is the party making a booking for services from Fuzz Design.
3. ‘An Order’ is the request for services from Fuzz Design.
4.  ‘The project’ is a term used to describe service from Fuzz Design.


The terms and conditions apply to all dealings between The Client and Fuzz Design.

 By placing an order with Fuzz Design, you as a Client are forming a legally binding contract for services and you agree to the following terms & conditions.


1. If applicable, your total session fee is to be paid in full within 24 hours, and this contract is to be completed and returned within five (5) business days along with your questionnaire to secure your appointment. Your session fee payment is non-refundable. If you are booking on a gift voucher or prize, no session fee is due. However, this contract is to be completed and returned within five (5) business days along with your questionnaire to secure your appointment.

2. Cancellations for photo sessions or purchase appointments more than 48 hours from your appointment cannot be refunded but can be rescheduled at no cost, on one occasion only per session (additional reschedules incur a full session fee.) Cancellations within 48 hours of your appointment cannot be refunded or rescheduled and a new session fee is required to secure a new appointment.

3. Due to our booking schedule, if you are 15 minutes or more late for your appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and a full session fee will be required to reschedule your appointment at a later date / time.

4. Should your pet/s come into season, suffer from any illness or infectious disease, or have fleas, please advise asap and we will need to reschedule your session at no cost.

5. Please only bring the pet/s booked into your session as per the booking form. If you wish to add additional animals after booking, please check we have availability for this prior to your appointment. If time or circumstances do not permit extra pets, a new session time and date will be offered. Extra pet fees apply.

6. Please ensure dogs are on leads and cats/other animals are secured in carry cages when you arrive for your session.

7. To avoid disruption during the photography session other photography, including video, by family/friends is not permitted.

8. Should the photographer not feel comfortable at any time during the session, based on client (or friends / family of client) behaviour or attitude, the session can be cancelled without notice and no refund will be given. Abusive or aggressive behaviour from clients (or friends / family of client) will not be tolerated and sessions will be concluded if this occurs. The photographer is not liable to provide any images from cancelled sessions.

9. Neither party shall be liable for any costs or damages due to delay or non-performance under this contract arising out of any cause or event beyond our control, including but not limited to Acts of God, fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, or other natural forces, war, civil unrest, accident, work stoppage, pandemic, power or other mechanical failure, governmental action, or communication disruption.


10. One Purchase Appointment is allocated per photo session and this is your only buying opportunity. All decision makers are required to be present. This session must be scheduled within 3 weeks of your photo session (unless there’s an exceptional circumstance) and will take approximately 1 hour. Should a second purchase appointment be required, a fee of $195 per hour (min 1 hr) applies.

11. Payment Options at your Purchase Appointment are:
* Pay in full   

* Payment Plan with Payright

12. Order cancellations need to be made in writing within 3 days after order is placed. Outside of 3 days, all payments will be forfeited.

13. Any images not ordered will be archived 30 days after the purchase appointment and only images ordered will be permanently held on file. Archived images require a $195 fee to retrieve and if a re-order purchase is made of $195 of more, the archive fee can be converted to credit. Ordered images will be used should a replacement product ever be required.

14. Standard image editing is included in your order. This includes background clean up, removal of drool, darkening of cloudy eyes, and editing out small shaved patches of fur if applicable. Any extra editing requested will be billed at a rate of $180 per hour.

15. Images may not be used by clients for competitions, commercial marketing purposes, re-sold, or as reference material for artworks. If images are shared on social media they must not be altered in any way, must not have logos removed (if applicable), and must be credited to Fuzz Design in all instances.

16. IMAGE USE & COPYRIGHT: By completing this form and confirming your session, you understand Fuzz Design has the unrestricted right and permission to use, re-use, publish, and republish the photographic pet portraits taken, through any and all media known for illustration, art, sale, promotion or advertising. You also relinquish any right to examine or approve the completed product or advertising copy or printed matter which may be used. Fuzz Design retains legal copyright of the images taken.

* Fuzz Design cannot guarantee the outcome of services and the client’s comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only.

* The Client acknowledges that Fuzz Design cannot guarantee any results as outcomes are based on subjective factors that cannot be controlled by Fuzz Design.