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Sniffy Sessions

Welcome to Sniffy Sessions, a unique opportunity for anxious dogs to explore a new environment in a safe and controlled manner. As an experienced dog trainer, I understand the importance of providing a calm and secure environment for dogs that may struggle with anxiety or fearfulness.

Our on-leash walks around part of our farm offer a one-on-one session with me, where your dog can explore new sights and smells without the added stress of encountering other off-leash dogs or unexpected distractions.

By offering a controlled and supportive environment, we can work together to help your dog build confidence and settle into their new surroundings.

Please note, this is not a photography session or an off-leash play session.

Small Business Photo Sessions

Welcome to the ultimate pet-loving paradise, where we turn your small business in the pet industry into a vibrant brand sensation! 🌟 At our Personal Branding Photo Sessions, we are as passionate about pets as you are!

Whether you're dealing with wagging tails, fluffy paws, or chirpy meows, I've got a fantastic deal you can't resist! 🐢🐱 For a limited time, and I mean LIMITED, I'm offering personal branding photos at just $50! How can you pass up such a purrfect bargain?

Now, let me lay it out for you - this isn't just any ordinary offer. To get in on this goodness, you'll have to go through our application process and dates are very limited.

So, if you're ready to take your pet venture to the next level and stand out from the pack, hit that link below and let's make magic happen!