Hi, I'm Sarina!

I live for my animals and love them, they fill my life with joy and make me smile every day! My love for animals doesn’t stop with those in my family. I adore meeting new animals and love that my job allows me to meet them every day! I’d love to meet as many pets in the surrounds of Adelaide as possible and what better way than to take their photos. There is no better way to get to know your pet, than having them come for a photography session! Not only do I get to see them relax and enjoy our private property, but I get to give them treats, pats and play some super fun games with them (like what’s that weird sound!)

My photography style is one that embraces the beautiful natural bushlands we have here in South Australia and how your pet interacts in a native surrounding. There is no more beautiful setting for your pet, than the golden leaves, sparkling sunlight reflecting off their fur and soft grass and sandy soil under their paws!


I have studied art as well as photography and my images are not only artistic but work perfectly as wall art to be hung in your home. Animals have always been the subject of many beautiful prints seen on the walls in home. It seems fitting to have the artwork in your home showcase a special being that is close to your heart. After all, home IS where the heart is. 

I have been so lucky to meet my soulmate, Jeremy, who loves animals just as much as me and often joins me on photo shoots (otherwise he gets jealous I got to meet a cute pet!). You’ll see him below with our three dogs, you can tell he’s the favourite!

Realising we only had a handful of photos of our very first family pet, was a life defining moment for me. When I got my first puppy, a Jack Russell named Eddie, I set about photographing every moment I could. My favourite photos I printed at a photo lab and are all bound in an album I treasure, especially now he is no longer with us.


Eddie’s portrait is on my wall, his sweet face is also lovingly displayed on a canvas at my parents place as well. We miss him every day but I’m so glad I captured so many moments, his chubby puppy legs, his floppy ears that eventually stood up alert and straight.

My photography journey hasn’t stopped, now I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 8 budgies a cockatiel and a *chicken math* amount of chickens. I take photos of them all the time and love having them displayed as gorgeous artwork around our house.



My Gear

I have been using Sony Camera gear for years now and cannot fault them for quality, durability and reliability. My studio is fitted out completely by Hypop they have a great range, excellent service and reliable gear.



Local Business Love

Pet friendly places we visit and love all over the surrounds of Adelaide!

More from my clients

Sarina was brilliant from start to finish. She always kept in touch & was careful to get enough information to understand what I wanted out of the session. She was friendly, helpful & caring throughout. The resulting photos are amazing – I couldn’t have been happier!


Di French

Pet Photography Session

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