Do you take photos of people?

Here at Fuzz, I love taking photos of pets. My passion is pet photography and creating gorgeous artwork featuring people’s much loved animals. I adore working with clients who truly love their pets and consider them part of the family. So I often get asked, do I take photos of people? Yes of course!

I absolutely love to include people in the moment with their pets. Such sweet moments, amazing connections and the true bond can be captured in an image. You might have a thousand photos of your pet on your phone, but probably not many of you with your pet.

How does it work? When you arrive at our property in the Murraylands, you’ll park and I will greet you. It is only a short drive down the freeway from the Adelaide Hills (about 30 minutes from Mount Barker and 50 minutes from Adelaide.) You’ll get to enjoy the native trees and other foliage throughout our Monteith property as the backdrop of your photo session. We normally start with some photos of you and your pet, which helps your pet settle in and gets everyone relaxed. Don’t worry, this is a private property, you don’t need to worry about other people wandering around during your session!

There is plenty of time to get a great range of photos of your pet and to capture people with their pet. I take you all on a walk around the space and we use a variety of different locations and specially set up spots. If you’re not keen on getting on the ground, I have plenty of options. If you want less posed photos, I take plenty of photos that celebrate those sweet unscripted moments.

Another beautiful part of pet photography is capturing photos of pets and the children who love them. I’m lucky to have worked with children of all ages, while working in schools around Adelaide, South Australia and while volunteering in Pets as Therapy programs. I also have a current working with Children with Children Clearance. I am always happy to let kids join in on the session!

Not only do these make for gorgeous images, these will be moments in time you’ll absolutely treasure for life. I know every photo I have of myself with my pets growing up is something I am so thankful to have a physical copy of. I absolutely love creating albums and keepsake boxes with these images, as I know there are so many beautiful moments during these sessions.

Make sure you consider joining in on the session with your pet when you book – don’t worry, I will remind you! And while you’re here, why don’t you check out other Murraylands Pet Content below.



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