The best time of day to take pet photos

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What is the perfect time of day to take photos of your pet?


We love to take photos in the evening, especially just before and as the sun sets. Not only is it a bit cooler, your pet tends to be a little less jazzed as compared to early morning. Plus the spectacular colours and changing light creates a beautiful kind of magic.


Any time of day is possible to take photos. If there is harsh bright sun, we recommend finding a shady spot to take photos. If it is overcast, this is really the best kind of weather to take photos without losing detail to blown out highlights or dark shadows.


Early morning can be a perfect time to do photos, but I find dogs tend to not be as settled for photos first thing in the morning (mine are more interested in having breakfast!)


sunset dogs murray bridge


My favourite time to take photos is when the sun is a little lower in the sky and you can capture some spectacular lighting.

Here at Parkview in Murray Bridge, we get a lovely sunset over the trees. The sky looks magical, there is a golden glow and with the right technique, the back-lit photos as the sunsets are amazing.

Even when the sun is still a little higher in the sky, it’s still possible to get amazing photos, it is all about positioning the camera, the subject and the light.



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