Meet the Dog Training Experts in Murray Bridge

With dedication and skilled dog trainers in Murray Bridge, achieving a well-behaved canine companion is possible. They specialise in transforming behaviours, creating harmonious households where dogs and humans thrive together. Through their guidance, tailored techniques address specific issues, strengthening the bond between owner and pet. Your dream of a cherished, well-mannered family member is within reach.

Creating Well-Behaved Canines: Discover Murray Bridge’s Skilled Dog Trainers

Positive Paws

When it comes to creating a harmonious bond between humans and their canine companions, local dog trainer and vet nurse, Kirstie, has established herself as an outstanding expert in Murray Bridge. Through her business, Positive Paws, Kirstie utilises positive and reward-based training techniques, bringing joy and transformation to countless pet owners and their furry friends. 

Kirstie’s affinity for animals began early in life, growing up on a bustling beef and cropping farm. Surrounded by various creatures, she developed a deep-rooted passion for caring for and understanding the needs of animals. This passion laid the foundation for her journey into the world of veterinary nursing and dog training.

In 2003, Kirstie joined the Murray Bridge Vet Clinic and participated in a week-long work experience program during her year 10 studies. Impressed by her dedication and love for animals, the clinic offered her a junior nursing position, marking the start of her rewarding career in veterinary care.

With determination, Kirstie pursued further education through a traineeship after completing year 12. Her studies at TAFE culminated in obtaining a Certificate II and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, equipping her with a comprehensive understanding of animal healthcare and well-being.

Kirstie’s love for animals extended beyond her work at the vet clinic, leading her to explore the world of dog training. In 2010, she took on the responsibility of running puppy pre-school classes at the Murray Bridge Vet Clinic, offering valuable guidance to new puppy owners. Her classes quickly became a hit, praised by attendees for her patient and effective teaching style.

Kirstie’s passion for enhancing the lives of both dogs and their owners drove her to further expand her knowledge and expertise in dog training. She achieved her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services from the esteemed Delta Society, solidifying her reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable dog trainer.

Positive Paws stands out among dog training businesses in Murray Bridge due to Kirstie’s unwavering commitment to positive and reward-based training methods. These techniques foster trust, cooperation, and mutual understanding between dogs and their human companions, ensuring a nurturing and enjoyable training experience for everyone involved.

Kirstie’s exceptional skills as a dog trainer have earned her rave reviews from countless satisfied clients. Her dedication to helping owners and their dogs achieve their training goals has garnered admiration from the local community. Those who have attended her dog training courses highly recommend her services, citing the positive transformations in their canine companions’ behaviours.

Through Positive Paws, Kirstie continues to make a profound impact on the lives of many, creating well-behaved and cherished canine companions. For those seeking expert guidance in dog training, Kirstie’s positive and reward-based approach at Positive Paws is the perfect choice to forge a strong and loving bond with their furry friends.

Little Paws Big Paws Training

Little Paws Big Paws Training, is a dedicated team led by founder James Bennett and his loyal Pyrenees Mountain Dog, Coco. They firmly believe that every dog is unique, deserving individualised attention and care. With years of experience in dog training and behaviour modification, James and his team are committed to helping pet owners build strong and positive relationships with their furry companions.

Little Paws Big Paws Training offers a diverse range of dog training services, all tailored to meet each dog’s specific needs. They specialise in puppy training, obedience training, and behaviour modification, utilising gentle, effective, and science-based training methods like Operant Conditioning and Marker training (classical conditioning) to establish a strong and positive bond between pet owners and their dogs.

What sets Little Paws Big Paws Training apart is the deep understanding their trainers have of the emotional needs of dogs. They approach training with empathy and work collaboratively with clients to create personalised training plans based on the dog’s age, temperament, and specific requirements. This customised approach allows them to focus on each dog’s strengths and challenges, ensuring a training program that guarantees success.

The comprehensive range of training services offered includes leash training, clicker training, agility training, socialisation training, crate training, housebreaking, separation anxiety training, fear aggression training, resource guarding training, barking solutions, jumping solutions, basic commands, and advanced commands. Additionally, Little Paws Big Paws Training provides dog walks, private training sessions, and various training packages to accommodate different preferences and needs.

Conveniently located in the Murrayland region of South Australia, Little Paws Big Paws Training is easily accessible, making it a convenient choice for dog owners seeking expert training services.

With over a decade of experience, James Bennett and his team have successfully trained and rehabilitated numerous dogs of all breeds and ages. Their passion for creating well-behaved and obedient pets shines through their personalised training plans and science-based techniques.

For dog owners in search of a dog trainer who truly understands the emotional needs of dogs and can help forge a deeper bond with their furry friends, Little Paws Big Paws Training is the ideal choice. Contact them today to discover more about their services and how they can help you and your canine companion live your best life together. Their commitment to helping pet owners build strong and positive relationships with their furry friends is second to none.

Dog Trainers in Murray Bridge

Embrace unparalleled peace of mind with a well-trained canine companion, both at home and in social settings. In Murray Bridge, skilled dog trainers play a vital role in strengthening the bond with your furry friend and fostering desired behaviours. While the responsibility for positive development rests with you and your dog, these exceptional trainers are by your side, providing constant guidance and unwavering support throughout the process.

Explore a plethora of additional dog resources in Murray Bridge through the provided links, offering a treasure trove of information and insights to enhance your journey as a pet owner. Let’s arrange your next pet session to create cherished and heartwarming moments with your beloved companion. Together, we will cultivate a more resilient and joyous relationship with your furry friend, making every day a delightful adventure.



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