Dog Friendly Outings for You and Your Dog in Murray Bridge!

Cherished as our faithful best friends, our dogs hold a unique place in our hearts, and we yearn to share exciting adventures with them! Yet, finding inclusive and dog-friendly activities can often prove challenging. But fret not! We’ve curated a wonderful selection of dog-friendly activities in Murray Bridge. Embrace the joys of life alongside your canine companion and create enduring memories together. Uncover these delightful opportunities and savour the good life with your beloved furry friend!

Tail-Wagging Adventures: Explore Dog-Friendly Activities in Murray Bridge

The Mighty River Murray 

The mesmerising River Murray beckons, offering countless opportunities for you and your beloved canine to bask in the beauty of its picturesque locations and diverse flora and fauna. Take a leisurely stroll through Sturt Reserve, venturing under the majestic Murray River Road Bridge and Railway Bridge, leading you to the enchanting Wharf, where heritage trains and charming steam and paddle boats await your admiration.

Venture up Wharf Hill, a meticulously landscaped reserve with enchanting Rose-lined pathways that lead to a charming public gazebo. Continuing your riverside journey, indulge in a delectable meal or a delightful coffee experience at the renowned 1924 River Tavern, boasting Murray Bridge’s finest riverfront dining ambiance. Savour the views of the Murray River alongside your furry companion from a cosy outdoor table.

For the adventurous spirits and their brave pups, The Bunyip awaits! Find the mysterious Murray Bridge Bunyip, hidden within her cave along the banks of the Murray River at Sturt Reserve, adding an intriguing touch of folklore to your journey.

The River Murray offers many more picturesque spots for scenic walks with your furry friend. Explore another thrilling outing by taking one of the scenic ferry crossings over the river. Experience the charm of Tailem Bend, Wellington, and Mannum as you line up with your car and enjoy a serene river crossing from the comfort and safety of your vehicle. An idyllic way to delve further into the beauty of the Murray River with your faithful companion by your side!

Langhorne Creek Wine Region

A short and pleasant drive away lies the picturesque Langhorne Creek, home to a plethora of charming wineries that warmly welcome your furry companions. You’ll be spoiled for choice with numerous options, where you can unwind and savour a refreshing drink under the sunny skies, accompanied by your beloved pup.

As you venture into Langhorne Creek, an enchanting hidden gem, Kimbolton Wines, awaits your discovery. This beloved spot offers an extensive selection of pet-friendly outdoor seating, be it on the deck, courtyard, or lush lawns. Indulge not only in their fantastic wines and delectable food menu but also treat your furry friend to special treats and water! Nestled under the tall gumtrees, this place promises a welcoming and relaxing experience.

Just a short distance down the road, The Winehouse beckons with its inviting outdoor seating on the shady and welcoming front lawn. This unique location is not only a winery but also a brewery, so you’ll get to sample the best of both worlds. Enjoy their diverse menu and an array of wines and beers while your furry companion is kept hydrated with fresh bowls of water.

A hop, skip, and jump further down the road, you’ll find the spectacular Bremerton. With a dedicated side entrance leading to their expansive and pet-friendly lawns at the back, this winery is a haven for both you and your furry friend. Whether you choose to picnic on the grass together or savour the delicious menu, rest assured that thirst and hunger will not be an issue. Your pet will be catered to with fresh water bowls and plenty of shady spots for relaxation on the grass.

Langhorne Creek’s pet-friendly wineries promise cherished memories for you and your furry companion as you delight in the finest drinks the region has to offer. Whether you opt for Kimbolton, The Winehouse, or Bremerton, these destinations offer a warm and inviting space for you both to revel in the delights of Langhorne Creek.

Embark on Scenic Adventures

The Rural City of Murray Bridge and its surrounding region boast a diverse array of walks and shared use trails suitable for all. Whether you wish to explore wetlands, Mallee scrub, rugged gorges, or immerse yourself in the charm of historic streets, there’s something for everyone. Each environment teems with unique flora, birds, animals, captivating public art, or intriguing relics. The shared use concept ensures that these trails accommodate a wide range of users, from walkers and cyclists to scooter riders, wheelchair users, and parents with prams. As you venture into these public spaces, please remember to show consideration to fellow trail enthusiasts, keep your dog on a leash, and carry poo bags to maintain cleanliness.

Casuarina Walk presents a breathtaking wetland experience, nestled off Casuarina Walk Rd. Its scenic walking trails and boardwalks with viewing platforms offer a tranquil escape. Follow the wetland trail to Parkview Reserve, a public space open to all.

Just outside the Murray Bridge CBD, the trail through the Rocky Gully Wetlands, forming part of The Lavender Federation Trail, awaits exploration. These wetlands host an array of native bird species, and their well-designed loop trail allows you to fully immerse in the wetland’s beauty.

On the eastern banks of the River Murray, adjacent to the Swanport Bridge, you’ll find the nationally significant River Murray feature – the wetlands. Spanning over 19 hectares, with 3.5 hectares of open water surrounded by bulrushes, this area teems with local wildlife. A 1.2 km walking trail and boardwalk provide easy access to the wetlands. Take your time to be captivated by the abundant bird life and the soothing sounds of river life. An elevated interpretive area offers information on flora, fauna, and the area’s layout, while providing a panoramic view of the wetlands, inviting you to pause, listen, and enjoy. This area is mostly accessible to the physically disabled, with wheelchair access available.

For a truly enriching experience, visit Morphett Reserve, an 18.3-hectare “Heritage Listed Conservation Reserve” adorned with over 170 local indigenous plant species. A haven for birdwatching and photography, the reserve boasts the highest number of plant species among Council-owned reserves. Morphett Reserve features two trails: a 2.1 km perimeter path and a 1.6 km loop trail offering 20 interpretive signs within the vegetation. While perfect for walking and hiking, the sandy terrain makes it unsuitable for bikes and wheeled disabled access.

With these scenic adventures awaiting your discovery, immerse yourself in the beauty of Murray Bridge and its surrounding landscapes, taking in the serenity of wetlands, the allure of gorges, and the heritage of historic streets.

Dog Friendly Activities in and around Murray Bridge

Discover endless delights for you and your furry companion as you explore the captivating charm of Murray Bridge. Take leisurely strolls along Sturt Reserve, relish refreshing drinks at local establishments, or embark on scenic adventures through the picturesque Murraylands. These dog-friendly activities in Murray Bridge promise cherished moments and lasting memories with your beloved canine friend. Don’t miss the chance to make the most of these delightful experiences!

For more pet resources in Murray Bridge, we invite you to explore the links provided below. When you’re ready, let’s schedule a session for your pet, another remarkable adventure for both of you. Get ready to unleash the joy and excitement that awaits you on these dog-friendly escapades!



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