From Food to Toys: Pet Stores in the Adelaide Hills

Finding the perfect pet supplies is a top priority for every devoted pet parent. From wanting the best range of brands to having knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist, we’re constantly striving to provide our furry friends with the best. As a passionate pet photographer and animal enthusiast, I’ve dedicated time to discovering pet stores that cater to the diverse needs of all creatures in my life. Join me as I share my favourite pet stores in the Adelaide Hills that have won my heart and trust.

The Ultimate Guide to Pet Stores in the Adelaide Hills

Mount Barker Pet Care Centre

More than three decades ago, the journey of Mount Barker Pet Care Centre began under the guidance of John and Heather Counihan. With a vision to provide top-quality pet care goods to the retail market, their venture started taking shape.

John’s expertise led him to be appointed as the sales manager for a national pet accessories supplier, where he worked closely with pet care retailers. This invaluable experience paved the way for the acquisition of Burnside Pet Care Centre, transforming it from a conventional pet shop to a specialised store offering comprehensive pet care goods and services. As their passion for pet care continued to grow, they decided to expand further by opening a second retail store in Mt Barker, a location close to their hearts.

Recognizing John’s remarkable leadership and contributions to the industry, he was honoured with the National Pet Industry Pioneer award for excellence in 2012. This accolade acknowledged his commitment to revolutionising the pet retail landscape and fostering a stronger focus on pet care.

In the pursuit of constant improvement and staying connected with like-minded professionals, they became proud members of IndePet in 2012. IndePet is a business that supports independent Australian and New Zealand pet stores, providing them with valuable resources in buying, marketing, and performance enhancement. Through this partnership, Mount Barker Pet Care Centre continues to offer a diverse range of products at competitive prices, including exclusive offers to their valued customers. By working together as a group, they aim to preserve the local touch and ensure the long-term success of independent pet stores.

With their sole trading focus shifting to Mt Barker in 2016, Mount Barker Pet Care Centre strives to fulfil their mission of providing you with the best solutions for your pet’s care. Their store offers an impressive selection of products at great prices, pleasantly surprising both you and your furry companions. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. With a team of knowledgeable experts on staff and access to a vast network of resources, they are dedicated to providing the best advice for all your pet’s needs.

Transparency and honesty are at the core of their values. If they don’t have the answers, they won’t pretend to. Instead, they will utilise their extensive resources to connect you with the right pet care solutions.

At Mount Barker Pet Care Centre, caring for pets and offering superior products and advice are not just business priorities, but heartfelt passions. They strive to exceed your expectations and ensure that your pets receive the utmost care and attention they deserve.


Discover a pet paradise at PetStock, where specialty goods abound to pamper your beloved companion. With a dedicated team of passionate and knowledgeable employees, this store goes above and beyond to fulfil your pet’s needs. Whether it’s finding the perfect food to soothe your pup’s sensitive stomach or selecting grooming supplies for your horse, their friendly staff is always ready to assist.

PetStock caters to every pet owner’s desires, offering a wide range of products to create the aquarium of your dreams and providing supplements to promote the well-being of all your furry, scaly, or feathery friends. But it doesn’t stop there—PetStock takes pet care to the next level by offering premium services such as puppy pre-school, professional grooming, water testing, pet adoption, pet ID tags, a convenient indoor DIY wash station, and even an animal laundry service. With these additional amenities, PetStock quickly becomes your go-to destination for all your pet-related needs.

Prepare to be spoiled for choice as you explore PetStock’s extensive selection of specialty goods, backed by a team that is passionate about pets and committed to delivering exceptional service. Your pet’s happiness and health are their top priorities, making PetStock the store you’ll love to frequent time and time again.

Pets Domain

Pets Domain is your go-to destination for all your pet care needs, catering to proud pet parents who strive to keep their furry, feathered, or scaly friends happy and healthy.

Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, Pets Domain has you covered with a comprehensive selection of products at competitive and everyday low prices. You’ll find everything you need to provide the best care for your beloved pets conveniently under one roof. At Pets Domain Mount Barker they also offer a DIY dog wash and pet tags and personalised engraving.

To further support you in your pet parenting journey, Pets Domain offers an exclusive +Plus Club Membership program. By signing up either in-store or online, you gain access to discounts across their entire range, available every day and at every store. Additionally, as a member, you’ll be the first to be notified about upcoming sales, events, and in-store adoption days. This ensures that you can take advantage of exciting offers and stay connected with the pet-loving community.

Pets Domain firmly believes in and supports pet adoption. While they don’t sell dogs or cats, they are passionate advocates for finding forever homes for these animals. They encourage and endorse the heartwarming approach of adoption, which allows you to welcome a new fur or non-fur baby into your family. Some of their stores even host adoption days, providing an opportunity for you to discover your perfect new family member.

At Pets Domain, their focus is on supplying the essential products and resources you need to care for your pets, coupled with a commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and supporting adoption initiatives. Embrace the joy of being a pet parent and rely on Pets Domain as your trusted partner in providing the best for your furry companions.

Adelaide Hills Pet Shops

Discovering the perfect pet store is an essential step towards ensuring the well-being and thriving of the animals in your life. With a selection of reputable Adelaide Hills pet stores, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets have access to the finest products available.

Are you in search of a talented photographer to capture the wild and wonderful essence of your animal companion? Look no further! I am an award-winning photographer who is passionate about capturing stunning images that showcase your pet’s unique personality. Contact me today to schedule a session for your furry friend and let’s create unforgettable photographs together. And while you’re here, don’t forget to explore more informative blog posts below, offering a wealth of additional pet resources to enhance your pet parenting journey.



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