Options for Doggy Daycare Adelaide to Care For Your Furry Friends

Doggy Daycares are an incredible way to teach your dog essential skills like socialization, confidence,
adaptability, and resilience. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to have your dog burn off some extra
energy! There are many great options for a Doggy Daycare in Adelaide, such as Doghouse Daycare,
Dogcity Daycare, and Beau’s. Altogether, these places are canine havens your dog is sure to adore.

Doggy Daycare Options in Adelaide

Doghouse Daycare

Doghouse Daycare offers your dog plenty of socialization and stimulation with a force-free philosophy based on positive reinforcement. They focus on the “physical, mental, environmental, and emotional well-being of every dog.” Doghouse Daycare’s facilities are air-conditioned for optimal comfort. They have multiple play spaces that dogs are placed into based on their temperament and energy levels. That helps ensure that interactions are safe and positive. For those who may be a little more timid or introverted, the Comfort Zone helps dogs transition into more high-energy play spaces. It also helps dogs who just enjoy a quieter space to relax. The Doghouse Daycare staff ensures that every dog’s experience is healthy, happy, and stimulating. Humans can rest assured that caregivers with expert knowledge of dog behavior and plenty of hands-on experience supervise their dogs. You can rest assured that your furry best friend is in great hands and having a fantastic day with all their friends!

Dogcity Daycare

Dogcity Daycare is the largest and leading provider of Doggy Day Care in South Australia – for a good reason: they get dogs! Their Canine Enrichment Officers (CEOs) are energetic, dog-loving people who spend their days creating enrichment for their canine guests. While at Dogcity Daycare, your pup will engage in plenty of activities. These activities stimulate their senses and brains, like 1:1 activities, cuddle time, basic obedience, music time, treat mats, and more! They believe in the direct connection between happy, healthy dogs and sensory stimulation to keep their brains and bodies active. Their facilities are fully indoor, air-conditioned, and perfectly comfortable for your sweet dog. They also have doggy lunch orders and birthday parties for an extra-special treat. That way your pup can continue to be spoiled even away from home!


Beau’s Pet Hotel is a state-of-the-art Doggy Daycare in Adelaide that is perfect for accommodating a dog who loves fun and play! Their fully enclosed and purpose-built pens are permanently staffed and created to ensure comfort, safety, and fun! They also have an outdoor play area, Central Bark, with a specially designed water feature for dogs who love to splash and swim.

The trained and experienced staff at Beau’s assesses each dog behaviorally before deciding which space is best for them for the day! If your dog likes to play and be social, there are plenty of other dogs with which to play. But if your pooch prefers alone time, they also offer a unique DayStay option for dogs who may benefit from one-on-one time with staff. When you drop off your dog at Beau’s, you can walk away knowing your dog is safe, protected, and in for a full day of fun.

Doggy Daycare Adelaide 

These options for a Doggy Daycare in Adelaide are perfect for the dog who needs a little extra playtime and the human who needs a little spare time. Doggy Dayhouse, Dogcity Daycare, and Beau’s are all genuinely dedicated to your dog’s experience and keeping them safe while they have fun! Please spend some time on their websites to see pictures of their facilities and plenty of happy canine faces that can attest to the fun they have while in daycare.

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