Three Dog Trainers in Adelaide To Teach Your New (& Old!) Dog New Tricks

Everyone dreams of having a perfectly trained dog, but it’s never as easy as it seems. Even though we love our dogs as part of the family, there are usually a few traits or behavioral habits we wish we could change. Luckily for us, you can teach an old dog new tricks, and there are several great dog trainers in Adelaide. Best Friend Dog Care, Canine Connect, and Advance Behavioral Training are all fantastic training companies that are fully staffed with excellent trainers and ready to help you bond with your dog while learning a thing or two!

3 Dog Trainers in Adelaide To Teach Your New (& Old!) Dog New Tricks

Best Friend Dog Care

Best Friend Dog Care offers a multitude of training services at the convenience of your home and on your schedule! Trainer Tamara has years of experience training animals and teaches in a fun and educational way.

She is a nationally accredited Dog Behavioral Training Consultant, an International Professional Member Association of Canine Professionals, and a specialist in canine communication and social behavior; basically, she really knows dogs. She shows human guardians that “puppies and dogs can learn from dog-friendly, safe and common sense methods.”

You can book Best Friend Dog Care for puppy training, private training, walking with manners, trick training, building relationships, preparing for the arrival of a baby, and behavior modification – among others! Whatever behavior or habit you are hoping to instill or correct, Best Friend Dog Care is prepared to help you and your dog with a fun and positive experience! 

Canine Connect

Canine Connect “fights fear with fun and creates confidence with cool!” At the core of everything they do, they know that if you aren’t having fun, then your dog isn’t having fun. And if your dog isn’t having fun, they aren’t learning! Their team of skilled trainers goes above and beyond to find creative and interesting ways to tackle dog training.

The professional trainers at Canine Connect come from diverse backgrounds, including industrial work, hospitality, charity, and other creative industries. They offer Puppy Obedience, Confidence, and Exposure training, private training, and behavior assessments. Their Doggy Day School allows pups to socialize and learn from trainers throughout the day while their human is otherwise occupied.

One of their more unique programs is Canine Carnivale, which combines the fun and engagement of a trick class, but with important skill building like obedience and rehabilitation. Suppose you are searching for a fun and unique bonding experience with your dog. In that case, Canine Connect could easily be the perfect spot for you!

Advance Behavioural Training

Advance Behavioural Training (ABT) is all about helping dogs get the most out of life, starting with helping their humans understand how it can be possible. When your dog’s behavior isn’t ideal, it can strain your relationship with your pup. ABT believes “a happy and healthy dog starts with support and encouragement.”

They use a balanced approach to training with plenty of positive reinforcement for both humans and dogs! The team at ABT is a small crew of compassionate and tight-knit trainers, groomers, and support dogs. Together, they offer training like socialization therapy, Doggy Day Care, and Training Classes that bring together groups of humans and their pups.

Their Academy allows you to drop off your dog once a week for five weeks to work with trainers. But it’s not all training at ABT. They also offer Birthday Pawtys for your dog and their best friends. They’ll even chaperone your dog at your wedding so your dog can be a part of your best day. 

Dog Trainers Adelaide

A well-trained dog is a relief, whether in your home and engaging with your family or out socializing around town. These dog trainers in Adelaide are exceptional resources to help you get to know your dog better and learn how to get the behaviors you need from them. It’s up to you and your dog to make a change – but these excellent trainers can help! 

For more Adelaide dog resources, check out the links below. Then, let’s chat about your next pet session!



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