Dog Friendly Beaches in Adelaide for a Day With Your Pup

Burgers and chips. Salt and pepper. Dogs and water. Some things go great together, and there’s no point in keeping them separate. That is why I love dog-friendly beaches. Treating your pup to a dog friendly beach in Adelaide is a marvellous way to run out some of their energy while enjoying the weather. Adelaide has excellent beaches ideal for your pets. However, practising proper beach etiquette is essential to keep your pup safe and other beachgoers happy. 

Dog Friendly Beaches in Adelaide for a Day With Your Pup

Beach Etiquette With Dogs

Before visiting any beach, you must familiarise yourself with their rules, such as whether or not they allow dogs off leashes. Most beaches should have plenty of signage, but it doesn’t hurt to check before visiting. Also, some have seasonal and daily limits on when you can bring dogs, so ensure you’re staying within those hours. 

Once you get there, respect other dogs’ boundaries while letting others know yours. If you have young children, remind them that not every dog likes strangers and that it’s always best to ask the owners before petting them. Likewise, don’t let your dog approach other pups without knowing how they’ll react. Speak to their owner first and ensure everyone pays attention in case the playtime gets out of hand. 

Make sure your pet’s flea and tick medication are up to date. You never know what pest will try to catch a ride on your dog’s fur, and it’s best to ensure you have all the defences up just in case. 

Treat the beach with respect. Pick up any messes and throw them away in the proper bins. No one wants to run across Rover’s finest work in their bare feet!

Ensure your pup is ready before journeying out. A beach visit can be a bit overwhelming, and it’s helpful to start on smaller trails and outings before hitting the sand,

Once you’re ready, it’s time to find the beach. While most beaches in Adelaide are dog-friendly, here are a few of my faves. 

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Adelaide

West Beach West Beach is a lovely beach near Adelaide that offers kilometres of sandy shores, perfect for giving your dog a complete workout. 

Hallett Cove Beach Hallett Cove Beach features a variety of terrain to keep your dog on his toes. It’s a peaceful location perfect for any family. 

O’Sullivan Beach While it never hurts to check the rules, O’Sullivan Beach is typically an off-leash beach all year. The beach spreads across one kilometre giving your dog plenty of space to run around. 

Moana Beach While Moana Beach is about a 45-minute drive from Adelaide, you can get gorgeous views on your journey. As a bonus, the beach is near plenty of other dog-friendly spots! 

Glenelg Beach While Glenelg does have time restrictions for off-leash pups, you’ll love the convenience of the dog-friendly bars and cafes that surround the beach. It’s ideal for exercising and then relaxing with your drink of choice. 

Dog Friendly Beach in Adelaide

Beach days are a spectacular way to keep things new while getting your dog some exercise. By following the rules, any of these dog friendly beaches in Adelaide will give your pup the day of his dreams. 

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