Three Pet Groomers in Adelaide for Your Furry Companions to Look & Feel Their Best

Your dog is your companion. Some of us share our furniture, cars, and even our beds with our pups – and when they are that close and personal with us, we need to ensure they are staying neat and clean! Not to mention that a well-maintained, neat, and tidy coat is important to prevent mats, fleas and ticks, and other skin irritants. Just like how we find hairdressers that we trust to make us look our best, it’s just as important to find a groomer you trust to take care of your pup. Here are a few pet groomers in Adelaide to help keep your pet looking sharp!

3 Pet Groomers in Adelaide for Your Furry Companions to Look & Feel Their Best

Summer Pet

Summer Pet has been offering Adelaide Japanese-style pet grooming since 2017. Their unique spa treatments use high-quality holistic products to focus on fur and skin care for your furry friend. While they also offer grooming for all cats and dogs, their spa treatments set them apart from other groomers!

They use mineral-rich spring water, proven to enhance fur nutrition, strength, and shine (and it’s also great for treating skin issues!) Their Nanometer Milk Bath purifies pores, accelerates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, and more. The Coconut Oil Milk Spa uses a rich and delicate foam to deep clean the skin and fur, soothing and relaxing pets for a more pleasant grooming experience.

The propolis milk bath is a natural and holistic anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation, tissue regeneration, and protecting against skin disease. If your pet’s skin and fur need a little extra TLC, try bringing them to Summer Pet for a little extra healing!

Oscars on Unley

Oscars on Unley has provided Adelaide with high-quality grooming since they opened their doors in 2007, and their reputation reflects it! They offer true pampering for your pup and grooming that makes them look better and keeps them healthier.

All their groomers are dog owners, so they know firsthand how important your fur baby is to you. They do their best to ensure you and your pooch are happy and comfortable with their services. Each groomer is trained in all aspects of high-end grooming and clipping. They pay meticulous attention to detail while working with your dog.

Creating a relaxing environment is essential to them, so their furry clientele will let them get up close and personal. They also stock an array of accessories and essentials for the discerning dog and owner!

Blue Wheelers

Blue Wheelers groomers know that the South Australian outdoor lifestyle can take a toll on a dog! That’s why they developed a mobile grooming company to help keep your pup neat and clean. Their signature blue dog vans make grooming even more accessible by bringing the salon straight to you.

They offer dog washing services, including pre-brushing, premium shampoos chosen for your dog’s needs, nail trimming, towel and blow dry, and their signature canine cologne! In addition to a bath, your dog can get a cut specific to their breed, detangle any mats or knots, or perhaps show off a new winter cut or summer cut to meet their needs for the season.

Plus, they have their own line of dog treats! And you know they get how important your pup is to you because they offer the best services and best care, and, as they say on their website, 

“Doesn’t your best friend deserve the best?”

Pet Groomers Adelaide 

Treat your dog (and, honestly, yourself!) to a relaxing bath and proper grooming. Any of these pet groomers in Adelaide will take exceptional care of your fur baby, so you can rest easy knowing their care is in good hands! Check out their websites to learn more about their pricing and treatments today. 

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