Adelaide Dog Parks for Essential Pup Play & Exercise

Our dogs can be balls of energy. And that’s part of why we love them! They always keep us on our toes. There’s nothing better than a wagging tail going crazy to welcome us when we walk through the door. Socialising our dogs is important, too, and it teaches our pups to interact in the world without less fear of the unknown. Dog parks are great spots to let our dogs run off-lead, make some new friends, and explore lots of exciting new smells.

Check out these Adelaide dog parks to take your dog to for a bit of exercise and play!

5 Adelaide Dog Parks To Take Your Fur Baby On Your Next Day Out


West Torrens Dog Park


West Torrens Dog Park resides along the Westside Bikeway near Moss Avenue Marleston. It is a larger, fenced-in dog park with separate spaces for large and small dogs, so your pup can socialise with other dogs closer to their own size. There is a wash-down area for muddier, messier days, which are always a sign of a great day at the dog park. Just remember to bring your own shampoo and a towel!

There is plenty of green lawn and paved areas to play. Furthermore, the path looping throughout is a great way to pick up some extra steps with your pup while they play. There is plenty of seating, shade for humans, and some fun built-in obstacles for your dog.


Ashley Avenue Dog Park


Ashley Avenue Dog Park is a popular exercise area incorporated into a natural scenic reserve with a walking trail and a creek. This Adelaide dog park isn’t fenced, so while your dog can hang out off-lead, there may be better options for those with pups who like to wander or dash.

Various built-in obstacles within the park are perfect for beginning to advanced obedience and agility training or just exploring and playing. For humans, there are barbecues, picnic tables, lots of shady areas for hiding from the sun, and even toilets.


Pityarilla Dog Park


Pityarilla Dog Park is a popular place to take your dog for some much-needed exercise! Your dog can run and play off-leash because of the fenced space. There are obstacles like logs, rocks, and turfed areas for additional play and enrichment for your furry best friend. Additionally, there’s lots of shady seating for you to unwind.

There are two separate areas, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs, and water fountains for you and your pup in both. The best part (at least for some dogs!) is a playful water feature for splashing on a hot day!


Golden Wattle Park


Golden Wattle Park is close to South Terrace and has a large off-leash area for your dogs to play. There is plenty of space to throw a frisbee or a tennis ball and get your pup running! This Adelaide dog park is a perfect spot to burn off some energy. And, when you’re ready to head out, you can wind down at nearby Lundie Gardens or take a (leashed) walk along some of the park’s
other paths and trails.



Balhannah Dog Park


Balhannah Dog Park is a hidden gem in the hills. It is located just off Greenhill Road on River Street near Onkaparinga Valley Road, Oakbank. This space is not only large, but also secure. This dog park is made extra special as it is contained within a loop of the Onkaparinga River. It is perfect for those who want to take their dog for a paddle to cool down and wonderful for dogs who might want to splash around in the shallow water.

As this large area is suitable for dogs of all sizes, as there is plenty of room for everyone. It is a popular spot for Adelaide Hills residents to come with their dogs, but also to take your dog for a doggy day out in the hills. There is plenty of shade, sniffy spots to roam and a great looping trail if you want to get some exercise in while you are there.

We highly recommend dropping in to Oakbank Chaff & Fodder (just around the corner) to get a treat for your pup and if you’re after a pet friendly lunch, head down the road to Karkoo Nursery in Oakbank for a beautiful lunch, coffee and even a glass of wine!

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Dog parks are great for burning off energy and letting your dog romp around with friends. A nice long on-lead walk is always great, but nothing like being untethered and chasing a ball or a frisbee with the wind blowing by.

These Adelaide dog parks are great spots for fresh air and socialising – for both you and your pup!

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