What happens if it’s raining?

As I’m writing this post, it has been raining since 7am this morning. Here in South Australia it is typically dry, especially in the Murraylands where we are based. Rain normally travels over Adelaide, hits the Adelaide Hills and we are in a rain shadow onward from Mount Barker. This means that while there may be rain forecast for Adelaide, it might just be a little overcast here in Murray Bridge. Sometimes we might get a sprinkle of rain or a light sun-shower. But usually when there is rain forecast here, it will rain! The only real up-side to the dryness is that it does tend to dry out quickly.

The same session where it lightly rained.

So with all this talk of weather, what does this mean for your photography session? I never knew, when studying photography, that a huge part of my session preparation would be looking at weather reports! I look at the weekly forecast, daily report and the time that showers come. I also use my own sense of what the weather is doing. Is it really windy? Freezing cold? These all play a factor in to what happens with your session.

Normally I will reach out to you on the day of (or the day before if the weather is obviously going to be bad) and ask you what you’d like to do, given the weather report. If I’m feeling confident we will have a clear afternoon, I am happy to give you the option to either come to the session or reschedule to another day. An overcast day or a tiny chance of rain still gives us the chance to get some gorgeous photos of your pet. Most clients get their pets groomed prior to their session, or have committed this time to attend the session around a busy lifestyle, so I don’t like to ask you to reschedule unless the weather is truly a huge issue.

What an overcast day or sprinkle of rain might mean for your session?

Did you know that the ideal day for a photography session is an overcast day? The sun, while beautiful, casts sharp and dark shadows. Our sessions take place on a native landscape, which looks lovely when it is overcast, there are plenty of colours on display, no matter what the weather! So you can be confident that you’ll get gorgeous photos if we make the call that the weather will be fine for your session.

If you’ve groomed your pet and really don’t want to reschedule, we are happy for you to make that decision if there is no heavy rain forecast during your session time. While a downpour of rain will mean we will have to reschedule, we can still go ahead if the light rain is clearing at your session time or if it’s overcast but not raining at your session time.

Bailey the Border Collie

Bailey came for her photo session on an overcast day. It wasn’t supposed to rain but we did get a light sprinkle of rain during the session. Bailey wasn’t bothered by the weather and we got some lovely photos before, during and after the light shower. We were able to take shelter for a short time until it cleared up. We didn’t get wet, Bailey was able to dry off and then we started taking photos again soon after.

Other than that light shower, you couldn’t tell that we had a short rain break! Well maybe the dewy grass is a little bit of a hint, but it’s rather pretty!

At the start of writing this, it was raining and had been for hours. Since then it’s been sunny, raining and then sunny again! Weather is a challenge, but I will always do my best to make a judgement call and let you know if it may impact your session. We can’t control the weather, but we can make sure you and your pet have the best chance at getting photos that you’ll love and cherish forever!



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