Your session

Get ready for a fun filled session, we've got all the details covered so you and your pet can enjoy the experience!

The first step!

Secure your ideal date with us by sending an email, message, DM, PM, however you get in touch! You will be set up with an easy-to-use personalised customer portal. Next is an easy to fill out questionnaire to make sure all the details are captured for your session. Your session fee also acts as a non-refundable retainer to reserve your preferred date and time.

Please note: your session fee does not include any prints or files, unless specified. Most clients invest around $1,000 for gorgeous keepsakes of their pets.

The Session
The big day!

The real fun begins, we will meet at my gorgeous private property. I'll make sure your you and your pet are comfortable with me, my camera and any other equipment. There will be gourmet treats, play-time, fun and laughter! Time will fly and you'll love the images captured.

Viewing Your Gallery
Your gorgeous photos are here!

I will book a personalised viewing session online or in my office for us to view the best of the beautiful images captured during your session. You will be able to order from a stunning range of prints, products and keepsakes. Don't let these stunning memories sit in a draw!

Beautiful Artwork and Keepsakes
Your gorgeous artworks are here!

This is it, the very best part! You will have your professionally produced final pieces hand delivered to your door. It will be like Christmas AND your birthday combined, but a promise of only heart-warming keepsakes and no socks!


Yes! Your session fee secures your date and covers entire process of capturing gorgeous images of your pet.

As long as you can transport them to the session and you can have them on a leash, they are welcome to participate in the session. If you have a pet that is aggressive or especially nervous, please get in touch with us prior to booking and we can let you know what options are available to you.

We love an active, wiggly pet! We promise you'll love all the photos from your session and you'll be surprised at how many gorgeous shots we can get with the most active pet!

We only ask that your pet is secured on a leash at all times and able to be ok with other people and animals from a distance. If your pet is unable to be in a public space, please get in touch and we can arrange

No other training is required!

Yes! $185 is payable to book your session and includes the photoshoot.  You will also be sent a gallery where you can purchase artwork and keepsakes.

I will send you a guide on how to prepare for the day and I will be available to discuss any further details or questions you may have.

I am based in South Australia. The sessions take place on my private fenced property. There are many opportunities for a stunning range of photos. We have on-site parking and easy access for all types of animals.

The sessions always run in the late afternoon, when the sun and shadows aren't too harsh. The lighting is soft, golden and perfect for capturing beautiful portraits!

I will meet with you and your pet, we will have a chance to get acquainted and ensure everyone is comfortable and excited for the session! I will have a few spots and poses in mind, but I love to let a session flow and capture your pet's personality and perfectly unplanned moments.

If you arrive early, please feel free to enjoy the space with your pet until your session time.

We only have limited times available, we ask that you respect your booking time and try to arrive on time. If you arrive late, you may miss part or all of your session. If you think you will be late, please let us know so we can let you know if we can achieve your session or reschedule you on another day.

The weather will be closely monitored coming up to a session and will be rescheduled if the weather is looking wet and/or stormy. I will be in contact with you prior to your session and discuss this with you, as I'm happy to run the session in light rain, if you would prefer.

If you let us know more than 48 hours before your session, we will be able to refund your session. With less than 48 hours notice, we can only offer a credit towards another session.

Refunds will only be provided once we are alerted 48 hours before your session and once we have your bank details confirmed. A refund may take up to two weeks to appear back in your bank account.

This varies depending on participants. I will be using continuous shooting, to maximise capturing the very best moments and I will present only the best final images to you.

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