Learn how to take amazing photos of your pet just using your phone!

Do you adore your pet and want more gorgeous memories captured on your phone?

With Pet Pics Pronto

You will quickly learn how to take amazing photos of your pet, that will become cherished memories and keepsakes.

Perfect for the person that loves their pet!

Does your camera roll look like this?

camera roll of pet photos

What if you could easily get photos like this?

better phone photos of pets

With Pet Pics Pronto

Gorgeous photos are easily achievable with just a phone!

Achieve better photos of your pets from the first lesson.

In just a day, you'll be able to create gorgeous keepsakes of your pet!

What You Get

Easy to follow instructions for beginner pet photography.

No fancy equipment or gear needed - only use your phone camera.

Cheatsheets, checklist and visual guidance all included.

Insider secrets and tips from a professional pet photographer.

Right now, you probably have lots of photos of your pets, but would you want to print them all out?

If you're anything like most pet parents, you probably have LOTS of blurry, dark or not-so-great photos of your pet.

editing pet photos iphone

Imagine If

It was easy to have lots of gorgeous photos of your pet on your phone, the kind of photos you would want to print out and have on your desk.

You could create keepsakes and artwork of your pet.

Now consider that you can do this, with just your phone, no fancy equipment and no confusing technical jargon to learn.

Pet Pics Pronto, will teach you to take better pet photos with just a phone, with simple guidance from a professional pet photographer.

You'll get all the information you need to quickly see your pet photos improve. Extend your knowledge with editing tips and simple steps to go from a photo on your phone, to a lovely print on your desk!


pet_photo_course image iphone tablet

So Why Pet Pics Pronto?

Hi there, my name is Sarina and I'm a professional pet photographer!

Sarina and Flirt the Aussie Shepherd

Realising we only had a handful of photos of our very first family pet, was a life defining moment for me.

When I got my first puppy, a Jack Russell named Eddie, I set about photographing every moment I could. I look back now and have so many gorgeous memories of him.

I didn't use any expensive gear and I am so glad I captured these memories. I don't want anyone to end up not having enough gorgeous photos of their pets, so I created Pet Pics Pronto as a simple guide for taking amazing photos of pets, with only a phone.

I love having artwork of my pets around the house, so I've detailed how to go from a lovely photo on your phone to a stunning print on your desk!

Some of my pet photography

Check out these gorgeous pets I've photographed!

OK but what is this exactly?

Putting it simply Pet Pics Pronto is broken down in to the following five parts:

SIMPLE training tips for better pet photos

Photography basics to improve your photos

Understanding Editing

Helpful tools for better pet photography

DIY printing tips

editing pet photos iphone

Here is what you will learn

SIMPLE training tips for better pet photos

Want to know how pet photographers get amazing photos of pets?

They are all using these tricks with their pets!

You will get extensive  training and bonus printable cheatsheets to work with your pet.

There are NO complicated techniques or instructions.

Easy to follow along and understand.

Photography basics to improve your photos

Simple instructions - no technical photography speak.

You will learn the basics and will see improvement in your photos.

Bonus checklist for improving your photos on the go.

Behind the scenes session video - watch a simple phone photography shoot in action!

Understanding Editing

Simple and easy to follow tutorials to improve your pet photos.

No confusing technical terms.

Easy breakdowns of the best edits to apply.

I take the confusion out of what app to edit with.

I show you how to maintain the highest quality of your photos when you edit and export your photos. 

Helpful Tools

Free or low cost tools to improve your pet photography further!

These are all things I wish I had on hand before I started photographing pets.

Some of these are right from my own pro kit.

Detailed lists of everything I recommend when taking photos of pets.

DIY Printing Tips

Recommendations from a printing professional.

Take the confusion out of how to print and where to print.

How to avoid common mistakes when printing.

Do your gorgeous pet photos justice when printing out their images to put on display!

Lifetime Access!

You can work through as many time as needed, when you need a refresher or if you get a new phone!

Bonus Competition!

Your chance to go in to the draw to win a framed print of your pet's photo after working through Pet Pics Pronto!

Win competition framed pet photo

That is a LOT for such a low price!

Let me be honest, all this amazing video training is worth $550 on it's own, if you were to purchase training directly with me.

The cheatsheets, checklist, behind the scenes content are worth an additional $100 if you were to purchase them on their own.

On top of that, the  prize you can win is worth $150 of post processing and editing, printing, framing and postage!

This means you're getting $650 value

With an added chance of $150 bonus value if you submit your competition entry to me!

But don't worry, I'm not going to charge $650 because I want this all to be easily accessible and possible for anyone.

I don't want you to delay another minute in getting gorgeous photos of your pet.

Since I'm launching I want to make it SO afforable

And to make it easy for you, I am offering a huge discount.

How does $31 sound, for a whopping $650 value plus a potential $150 prize? Good right?

I can do better for you!

I am going to offer Pet Pics Pronto for just $21!

$650 of value, plus the bonus $150 prize is just too good to pass up!

pet_photo_course image iphone tablet

Get Pet Pics Pronto today!

You'll get all the information you need to quickly see your pet photos improve, as well as editing tips and how to go from a photo on your phone, to a lovely print on your desk!


$650 of value, plus the bonus $150 prize

So here is how it works

It is so easy to get started!

  • Step 1 - Click the BUY NOW button to purchase
  • Step 2 - Check your inbox for an email with a link to log in to Pet Pics Pronto
  • Step 3 - You can start right away! You get instant and lifetime access!
  • Step 4 - Start taking gorgeous photos of your pets!


The course is split up in to sequential parts, which are all video based training. You will get access to all parts and you'll be able to watch them in order. As you finish each part, you'll tick it off and move on to the next! We recommend practicing with what you learn, as you'll see a remarkable improvement in your photos!

With your purchase comes lifetime access! You can work through as many time as needed, or when you need a refresher!

Yes! The only requirements are having a pet and a basic camera, we recommend using the camera on your phone.

Pet Pics Pronto is aimed at beginners and is designed to be simple. None of the parts are long or confusing. It is designed that any part will help you improve your pet photos. So if you only have time to watch one part, you will see your pet photos improve! If you have an hour free to watch the videos and some time to practice, you will most certainly see a huge improvement in your pet photos.

No! Just a pet and a basic camera, your phone camera will work just fine. I give you lots of tips and tricks and focus on finding free solutions to help you get amazing photos of your pet!

Not at all, you can use these tips with any pet, I've trialed these on dogs, cats, chickens, horses, birds and reptiles. Some of the tricks and tips may be dog/cat/bird specific, but they can be adjusted for any pet.

No, I go over all basic training that can help improve your photos, but these are not a must at all. Training with your pet can be fun and rewarding for you both, so I do recommend to give the tricks in Pet Pics Pronto a go!

Do you adore your pet? Do you enjoy taking photos of your pet? Would you love to take better photos of your pet? Then you are in the right place!

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Look me up at Fuzz Graphic Design on Facebook and Instagram and send me a message if you're having troubles signing up! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are after specific coaching or assistance, I can give you a quote for one-on-one training.

Now just imagine...

It is so easy to get started!

  • If you had the perfect photos of your pets to share online.
  • How nice it would be to have photos of your pets off your phone and displayed around your home.
  • If you saw your pet doing something cute and you knew exactly how to capture that moment in time!
  • The treasured memories of your pet that you'll have to look back on.

Now is the time to take action!

Don't leave taking amazing photos of your pet too late.

editing pet photos iphone

Get Pet Pics Pronto today!

With Pet Pics Pronto, you will learn how to take amazing photos of your pet, that will become cherished memories and keepsakes.

Perfect for the person that loves their pet! $650 value, just $21.