This holiday season, we have developed a wonderful, open-air pet photography session! These sessions will be contactless and will give to you a beautiful Christmas keepsake of your pet! Please note, these are not Santa photos, but will be holiday season themed!

Please also see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

What you Get

A 15 minute themed photo session.

One digital file.

The option to purchase further files, artwork or prints  from an online gallery. See the products here.

Check out the Gorgeous Gallery

What is the Cost

$50 is payable to secure your booking, this includes the session and one final digital image of your choice.

You will also receive a gallery if you wish to purchase additional images and artwork, such as artwork and prints.

See the products here.

Please keep in mind that there are delays in postage due to COVID. We strongly suggest you book session and order your products several weeks before Christmas to ensure you have printed products in time!

Who can Participate

Your pets and any family members you’d like included within the 15 minute session.

Where are the sessions taking place

In a secluded private property located in Murray Bridge, South Australia. The address will be provided when you book.

Limited sessions

Click Below to secure your booking

Bookings are secured with your session payment

Please follow the link to make a secure online booking and payment.

Due to the limited dates and times available, we cannot hold a session time and date without a booking and payment.

But my pet won't stand still!

"There is no way my pet will stand still!"
I love a wiggly, happy and excited pet! I NEVER expect them to stand still for photos or look at the camera!
Pets with collars, leashes, harnesses, owners standing next to them holding them - no problems!
Lollipop and Cookie had zero interest in standing in place next to each other, let alone staying still! I take lots of very FAST photos while their owner stood next to them holding the leash! A split second to catch the perfect photo!
Ashke is an indoor only cat, he isn't a huge fan of his harness and just wanted to roll around and play! With his harness, leash and owner holding him, me waving a toy and a split second is captured!
It's all timing, experience (many tricks up my sleeve) and a bit of editing magic! PLEASE don't put off photos because you're worried your pet won't stand still, or look at the camera!

Check out further down the page for more frequently asked questions!


Before and after photos


Yes! Please use our easy booking form above, or get in touch if you'd like to see if we have any other sessions available.

As long as you can transport them to the session and you can have them on a leash, they are welcome to participate in the session. If you have a pet that is aggressive or especially nervous, please get in touch with us prior to booking and we can let you know what options are available to you.

We ask that your pet is secured on a leash at all times and able to be with other people and animals from a distance.

No other training is required!

Yes! $50 is payable to book your session and includes the photoshoot and a digital file from your session. You will also be sent a gallery where you can purchase additional images and artwork.

You will arrive at our private prorperty, where you can park and be right at the photoshoot location. We ask that you keep your pet on a leash.

If you arrive early, please feel free to park and wait till your session time.

We only have limited times available, we ask that you respect your booking time and try to arrive on time. If you arrive late, you may miss your slot. If you think you will be late, please let us know so we can try to either fit you in or reschedule you on another day.

If you let us know more than 24 hours before your session, we will be able to refund your session. With less than 24 hours notice, we can only offer a credit towards another session or one of our other packages.

Refunds will only be able to be provided once we are alerted 24 hours before your session and once we have your bank details confirmed. We cannot guarantee the turnaround time of your refund.

We cannot promise another booking can be made, if all time slots are taken.